Download Instructions

To download Combinatorial Game Suite:

1. Make sure that you are running Java version 1.7 or later (you can type java -version to check). You can always obtain the latest version from

2. Start the download by clicking on the link corresponding to your operating system.

3. Open the downloaded file to start the installation.

4. Run CGSuite! (On Mac OS, please be sure to run the copy in your Applications folder.)

5. If this is your first time using CGSuite 1.X (even if you're familiar with beta versions), we recommend reading through the tutorial. Just select "Getting Started" from the Help menu.

If you experience any problems with the installation, you can contact the Combinatorial Game Suite administrator at

Combinatorial Game Suite is open-source.  Source code for the latest version is available on the Sourceforge files page, but be aware that the cgsuite-src archive contains only the source code.

Aaron Siegel
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